Read Your Own Book Club

R.Y.O Book Club. May 27. 6_30-8_00-1Click to RSVP on Google+


You haven’t joined a book club because you’re not fond of the idea of reading a book selected by the group? Perhaps you don’t know anyone with the same taste in literature. Well, you’re in luck! You choose what you want to read each month in this club. Here’s how it works…

  1. Read one book, any book, per month
  2. Near the end of the month, join the rest of the members in a Google+ chat “hangout”. This usually takes place at 7pm CST on a weekday.
  3. Take turns giving a short review of your book of choice, rate the book, and answer questions from other members who may consider reading the book after listening to your review. No spoilers please! The discussions are a great opportunity to get ideas for new books to read and be exposed to new genres and authors you may not know about.
  4. You may be invited to post your view as a guest blogger on the BiblioTech Blog.




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