July’s “Read Your Own Book” Online Book Club Reading Recommendations

On a Wednesday evening, at end of each month, our book club gets together to talk about the different books we read that past month. Usually 5-10 people attend, and we use a password protected chatroom on chatstep.com (a free service most often used for business meetings) to share book recommendations.


This book cover image released by Scribner shows "Finders Keepers," by Stephen King. (Scribner via AP)

41NlnIKaH+L._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_ kite-runner harper-lee-go-set-a-watchman-cover-lead6a00e5509ea6a1883401b8d0b02b89970c-pi

Finders Keepers: “The story starts with the murder of a famous writer by an obsessed fan who steals his unpublished journals but lands in jail for another crime he can read them, but not before hiding them first…”

The Moor’s Account: It’s about the ill-fated Narvaez Expedition from the Gulf Coast into Texas and Mexico…only this time it’s told from the persepective of the well known slave companion to the Spaniards, Estebanico.”

Thirteen Reasons Why: “All of the reasons she puts in the tapes tell why she dies, but sometimes I don’t see her POV, how desperate she was, maybe I thought it ended too suddenly?”

The Kite Runner: “I just finished up Into the Wild. It was the one I talked about last time. And I just started Kite Runner….it’s amazing so far. I am training for a half marathon and I’m thinking about trying to mix my reading and running.”

These books are all available to borrow from BiblioTech’s 3M Cloud Library Collection, here: http://ebook.3m.com/library/bibliotech/

If you’d like to become a member, just send a quick email to the coordinator, at ashley.eklof@bexar.org, and she will share the chat room name and password with you.





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