Book Review: Thrown, by Kerry Howley

This book is a literary non-fiction book. I didn’t even know this Howley7genre existed. But the narrator is Kit. She is a student who ends up attending an MMA fight in the midwest. She finds this experience to be almost like an out of body experience. She ends up following two fighters in their journey to the big leagues. She tells the story of their American dream.

As only a casual fan of the sport of MMA, I was intrigued by the style of writing. Kerry Howley is gripping with her language and brings a feel of interesting duality. She has an academic view on a sport that is thought to be “primitive.” She also follows two very interesting fighters on opposite paths in their fighting career. I enjoyed the book. It is a very classic tale of chasing the American dream. I also believe that this could be enjoyed by fans and non-fans alike.

Review by Gabe, BiblioTech Book Club Member



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