Book Review: The Excorcist

Staff Book Review: The Exorcist by Peter Blatty

the-exorcist”In our sleep, pain, which cannot forget, falls
drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own
despair, against our will, come wisdom
through the awful grace of God.”

The Exorcist tells the story of Regan MacNeil and her descent into demonic possession. As her mother and others struggle to come to terms with what is happening, sinister acts begin occurring in and around Regan’s house such as murder and the desecration of the church. It culminates into a wild and emotional finale that will shake you to the core.

Like most people I have met, I watched the movie before I read the book. I knew to expect the disturbing portions of the movie to be more descriptive in the book, and I was not disappointed. If you thought the movie had graphic and disturbing parts, your imagination is in for a ride with this read. Honestly, some of those images of Regan will never get out of my head. What I was amazed by was the fabulous dialogue. Littered within are conversations about faith, death, depression, and redemption. The dialogue provides true insight into these topics.

The book also does a good job exploring the inner demons ALL the characters are facing. They try desperately to deal with their inner strife, only to have to set it aside to help Regan, and then have those same malicious thoughts used against them.

Reviewer: Jesse Garcia

Rating: 4 stars4 Stars



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